POS-2 - Poster Session
Poster Session II

Saturday May 28, 2022 | 13:30 to 15:00
Room: Confederation III


Mr. Vasily Giannakeas, Canada
Trends in platelet count among ovarian cancer patients

Marcel Grube, Germany
Molecular stratification of clear cell ovarian carcinoma

Sarah Saoudaoui, Canada
Molecular characterization of therapy induced senescence in preclinical ovarian cancer models

Laurence Faucher-Giguère, Canada
H/ACA snoRNAs are effective biomarkers of high-grade ovarian cancer and are required for cell invasion and migration

Mrs. Almira Zhantuyakova, Canada
The STING paradox: Deciphering aberrant DNA-sensing pathway in low grade serous ovarian carcinoma

Miss Het T Vaishnav, Canada
Investigating the role of Brca1 mutation in accelerating ovarian fibrosis

Adrian Buensuceso, Canada
MYC downregulation in a spheroid culture model of ovarian tumour dormancy

Ms. Hafiza Bushra Manzoor Msc, Canada
The DNA methylation in the regulation of plasma gelsolin expression in ovarian cancer chemoresistance

Benjamin K Johnson, United States
Single-cell Total RNA-seq Miniaturized (STORM-seq) reveals differentiation trajectories of primary human fallopian tube epithelium

Mr. Jacob LK Kment, Canada
Coordinated blockade of TGF-beta and PD-L1 promotes immune responses in preclinical ovarian cancer models

Kristianne JC Galpin, Canada
The absence of FGL2 slows tumour growth by promoting the infiltration of activated anti-tumour immune cells

Dr. Ali Nejatie, Canada
Targeting the GD2 ganglioside tumor marker for effective cancer immunotherapy

Miss Marie Orleane Ada Ndong, Canada
Developing an ovarian cancer tissue cell fate (TCFate) manipulation and detection tool

Miss Jade Montpetit, Canada
Probing senescence using ovarian cancer treatment response patient avatars

Dina Dorrigiv, Canada
Towards high-throughput microfluidic-based ex vivo 3D model of ovarian cancer

Mr. Jack Webb, Canada
ULK1 is required for autophagy in ovarian cancer spheroids

Miss Ally C Farrell, Canada
Exploiting the SCF complex to identify novel therapeutic targets in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

Melica N Brodeur, United States
Exploiting vulnerabilities to targeted therapies in SMARCA4-altered ovarian cancers

Ms. Cécilia Thomine, France
Interest of HDAC inibitor belinostat, in monotherapy or in association with Bcl-xL or Mcl-1 inhibitors, in ovarian cancer treatment

Farah Abdalbari, Canada
The anti-rheumatic gold complex auranofin induces ROS-driven caspase-dependent apoptosis and proteasome inhibition in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

Melanie A Grondin, Canada
Evaluation of tissue transglutaminase as a therapeutic target in high grade serous ovarian cancer

Ben Forgie, Canada
In high-grade serous ovarian cancer cells, cisplatin displays short-term toxicity manifested by reduced vitality and viability, and long-term toxicity elicited by reduced clonogenic survival

Miss Rewati Prakash, Canada
Comparative effects of clinically approved platinum derivatives on the vitality and viability of ovarian cancer cells

Marcel Grube, Germany
L1CAM expression in endometrioid ovarian carcinoma (ENOC) – a new prognostic biomarker?

Mr. Kevin L'Espérance, Canada
Is childhood body fatness an early marker of ovarian cancer risk?

Dr. Marilyne Labrie, Canada
Single-cell proteomics analysis of unusual brain metastases and associated peritoneal tumors from a low-grade serous ovarian carcinoma patient

Shana J Kim, Canada
Epidemiologic risk factors and survival trajectories among epithelial ovarian cancer survivors: a population-based cohort study in Ontario

Dr. Grace Gorecki, United States
The role of the endocannabinoid system and fibrosis in the etiology of ovarian cancer

Dr. Karolin Heinze, Canada
Endometrioid ovarian carcinoma with no specific molecular profile benefit from immune microenvironment evaluation

Ms. Meruthulaa Kayilaasan, Canada
Characterizing models of hypoxia in OCCC lines using HIF-1-alpha expression as a biomarker

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