Farhia Kabeer, Canada

Post doctoral Research Fellow
Pathology and Lab. Medicine
University of British Columbia

Dr. Farhia Kabeer is a medical doctor who came to Canada to start cancer research after practicing as a clinician in Pakistan. She undertook her master’s degree from McGill University, studying the metastatic potential of breast cancer cells. Then she joined Dr. Samuel Aparicio’s lab for her PhD Candidacy where her research work on trriple neagtive breeast cancers at single cell sequencing level was contributed to many high impact journals. 

Dr. Kabeer has a special interest in cancer evolution and the dynamics of genomically-defined clones. She is also studying alterations in ovarian cancer landscape and metastasis reflected in timeseries patient-derived xenografts where gene expression and mapping cellular fitness could be the consequence of transcriptome variation. This work has implications for understanding chemotherapeutic resistance and precision medicine. Her post doctoral work is focused on comparing ovarian cancer evolution in immunocompromised and humanized mice with and without conventional and targeted novel chemotherapy combinations.

Sessions chaired by Farhia Kabeer

When Session Room
10:00 - 11:30
Symposium — Symposium 7: OvCAN Highlights Governor General I/II
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